Team-building strengthens the team spirit and thus the positive atmosphere within a company. Shared success connects, promotes a common identity feeling and strengthens trust in each other. This has a lasting positive effect on communication within the organization and increases motivation and work efficiency. Employees or commissioned photographers who capture the events in pictures or videos create a long-lasting experience and are very welcome.


We from PLANT-MY-TREE® add the factor of nature to the team event, thus raising awareness for sustainability and climate protection. This gives the event a very special flair. It radiates a thoroughly positive dynamic. Planting trees as part of a team-building measure reinforces the feeling of longevity and also the sense of responsibility, far beyond the team event. 

Today in particular, climate protection is an important factor for employers and employees alike. A large number of companies have recognized how important it is to include and promote this in the corporate culture. This also sends a signal to employees, to each individual at his or her workplace. And employees are willing to share this responsibility. It starts with little things like asking, “Do I really need to print this out?”.

Conditions and contents of a team-building event

At a teambuilding event, only the trees of the own climate protection measure can be planted. The prerequisite is the commissioning of the silver package or higher. The number of participants for a team event should be about 50 people. For larger groups, the team event can be arranged over several days. Tools and equipment are provided by us. 

In addition to the team event, a tree package is required so that you can plant your own trees. The smallest version is the gold package with 1,000 trees, so that with an amount of 50 people 20 trees are to be planted per person. When selecting the tree package, we calculate at least 20 trees per person, which corresponds to a planting time of about 2 hours. 

The scheduling of a team event depends on the planting times nature dictates, which are mostly February+March+April as well as October+November+December. Optionally, we organize a casual get-together with a shared meal in a fun atmosphere – the perfect way to end the day after the work is done.

With PLANT-MY-TREE® you have an experienced partner for climate protection as well as a team-building event by “planting trees”. We offer the following:

– Interesting facts about environmental and climate protection through trees and forests

– Do’s and Don’ts in forests and reforestation areas

– How to plant a tree properly

– Planting together and team games

– Shared meal (optional)


Team-building through climate protection

You are interested in a team-building event and active climate protection as a company? Give us a call or send us an email.

Phone: 0208-30675805 or 07403-2229903


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Trees protect our climate

Your tree donation allows for the planting of trees and reforestation of forests in Germany. Join us and support our reforestation projects with your climate protection contribution in the form of a tree donation.

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Plant trees and bind CO2 with the environmental protection of PLANT-MY-TREE®. Every tree donation actively contributes to our reforestation projects and to climate protection in Germany.

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