Baby-Welcome-Package – 5 Trees

Planting of 5 trees – simple, nearby, and accessible in Germany



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In Germany, average per capita CO² emissions in 2019 were approx. 12 tons.
With our Baby-Welcome-Package approx. 5 tons of CO² can be compensated (approx. 1 ton CO² per tree – calculated over the lifetime of a tree – approx. 80 years on average).

Or give a memorable gift to a special person with our family package that no one will forget.

What to expect:
– Tree certificate, tree ID as well as the coordinates as a PDF file via email.
– Visit the tree location
– Pictures of the planting sites are constantly updated on our website
– Your personal contribution to climate and environmental protection
– A great feeling

Important note for your order:

  • Only one position possible per order (Item “Tree Donation” and “Climate Package” or several locations in one order are not possible)
  • One tree certificate is issued per order – can contain one or more names

In case of non-compliance, the issuing of the invoice and tree certificate is technically not possible, therefore your order must be cancelled.

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    Climate protection

    Transparenter Umweltschutz ist wichtig. PLANT-MY-TREE® wurde vom TÜV Rheinland bereits 2014 nach DIN ISO 9001:2008 und erneut 2020 nach DIN ISO 9001:2015 zertifiziert.

    Umweltschutz und Nachhaltigkeit – nah, begehbar und in Deutschland. Weil jeder Baum zählt.


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