Every year, entrepreneurs, managing directors and senior management look for ways and means to maintain and expand their direct business relationships with business partners. Often, gifts for business partners are used to convey appreciation and to strengthen the partnership between the two parties. But with gifts for business partners there are some things to consider, because with the multitude of business gifts that are given away annually, your gift should stand out from the crowd.

Gifts for business partners should not seem low-quality or over the top. You want to convey appreciation, respect and gratitude for the good cooperation and not give the impression of wanting to influence future decisions in your favor through a business partner gift. That requires sensitivity and intuitive feeling!


PLANT-MY-TREE® has already carried out numerous reforestation projects in Germany (NEW: Schauen Sie sich jetzt unsere Aufforstungsflächen an!).

With its personalized tree certificate, PLANT-MY-TREE® gives you an extraordinary customer gift or a gift for business partners and suppliers. A gift for business partners, suppliers and customers that conveys more than just appreciation. Personalized tree certificates stand for values such as durability, groundedness, sustainability, nature and climate protection.

Trees play an essential role in the sustainable reduction of CO2. Trees absorb CO2 and bind it as carbon: they reduce the CO2 concentration in our atmosphere. Photosynthesis converts CO2 from the atmosphere into carbon and oxygen. The oxygen is released back into the atmosphere through the leaves and the carbon is deposited in the wood.

You can order our high-quality tree certificates for a smaller number of certificates independently and easily in our tree donation shop. Here you can also differentiate between a gift of individual trees and a whole climate protection package.

For more than 50 tree certificates – then with your company logo – take a look at our tree packages or write to us directly via our contact form with as complete information as possible about your planned gift campaign. We will inform you quickly and straightforwardly about the options and a DSGVO-compliant implementation.


With a tree donation as a gift for business partners, you are therefore not only supporting climate protection and climate neutralization, but also promoting the sustainable reforestation of our native forests in Germany. A gift for your business partner that provides sustainable added value, is good for our climate and certainly stands out among annual business gifts.

So maybe don’t invest your budget for gifts to business partners in chocolate or expensive wines: give something with which you and your business partners do some good at the same time. A gift that inspires, conveys permanence and, on top of that, protects our climate: A tree donation. Order your personal tree now in our Tree Donation Shop and receive a high-quality tree certificate as a gift, which is TÜV-certified and proves that your tree was actually planted in Germany for your business partner.

Climate protection for corporates and businesses: Compensate your corporate CO2 finger print!

You would like to get more information about possibilities to become climate-neutral with your corporation or business? No problem, compensate the CO2 generated by your company through afforestation in Germany with PLANT-MY-TREE®. You can flexibly determine the scope of your company’s commitment to climate protection. Learn more now!


Trees for climate protection

Your tree donation enables the planting of trees and reforestation of forests in Germany. Join us and support our reforestation projects with your donation.

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Sample Tree Certificate

Plant trees and bind CO2 with PLANT-MY-TREE®. Every tree donation actively contributes to our reforestation projects and to climate protection in Germany. 


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    Transparenter Umweltschutz ist wichtig. PLANT-MY-TREE® wurde vom TÜV Rheinland bereits 2014 nach DIN ISO 9001:2008 und erneut 2020 nach DIN ISO 9001:2015 zertifiziert.

    Umweltschutz und Nachhaltigkeit – nah, begehbar und in Deutschland. Weil jeder Baum zählt.


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