FAQ section for companies

You would like to get involved in climate protection as a company and have questions about the partnership – here you will find the answers.

Otherwise, feel free to call or email us at info@plant-my-tree.de

After you have received our climate protection information and all your questions have been answered to your satisfaction, you can commission your climate protection project with us. A simple email to info@plant-my-tree.de is sufficient for this purpose.

The email should contain the following points:
– Tree package or precise planting quantity
– desired planting area
– your logo in png format for the tree certificate

Afterwards you will receive your climate protection invoice exclusively by email. After the invoice has been settled (but usually directly after the climate protection invoice has been sent), you will receive another email with your tree certificate as well as your marketing options according to the package you have chosen.

Simple and transparent.

We are very pleased to promote environmental and climate protection together with our many climate protection partners from various regions and industries.

Promptly after being commissioned, our partners receive, in addition to the invoice, an email with the tree certificates as well as the free marketing measures included in the tree package. The measures we carry out for you include, among others, the following support:

Execution of marketing activities on our website as well as social media.
Reading, checking and revising texts for your online marketing (e.g. homepage, social media, etc.), press releases, printed materials, etc.
Checking our CI specifications
Transmission of images
Signage creation, if included in the package

We thus support you extensively, similar to an advertising agency. However, our focus is on the reforestation of the areas and planting trees.

Therefore it is reasonable that we cannot carry out the implementation of our marketing measures from the tree packages indefinitely.

We ask our partners to send us the implementation of the marketing measures collected collectively in an email within 2 weeks after the start of the cooperation.

Depending on the tree packages, the following expenditure periods will result, in which we will be happy to provide you with marketing support free of charge:

Start Up – from 20 trees – approx. 10 min
Mini – from 50 trees – approx. 20 min
Bronze – from 100 trees – approx. 30 min
Silver – from 500 trees – approx. 1 h
Gold – from 1.000 trees – approx. 2 h
Platinum – from 5.000 trees – approx. 5 h
Forest – from 10.000 trees – by arrangement
Diamond – from 50.000 trees – by arrangement
Environment – from 100.000 trees – by arrangement
Of course, we will be happy to continue to support you, but we will charge you for additional expenses after prior agreement.
We hope for your understanding.


From the mini package (50 trees) we invite our partners to the planting site.

Here you can take your own photos of the planting for your marketing. Photos of the area, the reforestation and the work can be taken while we carry out the reforestation.

Invitations will be sent approximately 2 – 4 weeks prior to the planting date.
If you cannot be there, we will provide photos at https://shop.plant-my-tree.de/en/projects/

Planting on your own is not possible for legal and/or insurance reasons.
If you wish, you can start a request for a team event with us, where you experience a great planting day with your team.


Without exception, it is necessary to send us a request for approval of word and/or image before publishing/use online/offline.

Only the following may be used
– Logos provided by us
– Lettering PLANT-MY-TREE® (capital letters with hyphens and ®-sign)

Also in case of a reference or link to shop.plant-my-tree.de we ask for a notification for release.


Images may only be used after prior transmission by us.
Partly we use images from databases (for the website), for which the copyright does not lie with us.

The use of PLANT-MY-TREE® logos or labels in connection with a product, service or project is possible after prior approval by PLANT-MY-TREE®. For this purpose, the details are to be considered.

The use of PLANT-MY-TREE® logos is intended for the website or social media to communicate the collaboration.

The use of PLANT-MY-TREE® logos or labels in connection with a product, service or project is also possible.

To counteract green-washing, it is necessary to agree on the following parameters in advance:
– Which product or project, which service?
– Which duration?
– What share from the product or project or service will go to a reforestation project?

Only after approval PLANT-MY-TREE® logos or labels with direct reference to products, projects or for services may be indicated.

Unlawful use of our logos and labels, which represent a protected seal of quality for actual reforestation in Germany, will be punished.

Unlawful use of logos or labels will result in a penalty of € 10.000,00 or 10% of the profit of the products, projects or service, whichever is higher.

In addition to the possibility to be on site during planting and taking pictures yourself, you can visit our areas at any time after reforestation (we recommend from about May/June, when everything is in bloom).

In addition, depending on the tree package you choose, you will receive one-time photo material after planting:

Start-up package – 1 picture
Mini package – 1 picture
Bronze package – 2 pictures
Silver package – 2 pictures
from gold package by agreement
Additional images of the area in subsequent years can be obtained from us for a fee.
The use of images from our homepage or in social networks requires the approval of us.

For every image you receive from PLANT-MY-TREE®, PLANT-MY-TREE® or a photographer holds the image rights – the copyright.
This copyright must always be stated. If you do not receive a specific copyright from us for a picture, pictures are to be marked as follows:

Otherwise, the copyright indicated by us is to be used.

We reserve the right to prohibit the use of images at any time.
Copyright infringements will be passed on by us to the copyright violator.


Make Your Commitment visible!

Our Tree Packages

Find out about the right tree package for you to promote environmental and climate protection. With our tree packages, as well as the marketing opportunities that come with them, you can inform employees, business partners, suppliers, customers and interested parties about your contribution to the environment – and score highly.
  • We support start-up entrepreneurs
  • You are a new entrepreneur and environmental protection is important for you? Let’s talk!
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  • Your Own Individual Marketing Strategy

Tree Certificate

We certify your climate protection contribution (tree donation) with a certificate – your personal tree certificate. In addition to you as our climate protection partner, the tree certificate contains the number of trees planted, the tree numbers, and the planting location with coordinates. Upon request, you will receive a personalizable tree certificate as an open Word document. You can customize the tree certificate in-house and DSGVO compliant to your wishes, e.g. for your customers or your products. You can find a sample tree certificate for download here:  https://plant-my-tree.de/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Muster-Zertifikat.pdf Starting with the Gold package, you can also receive your tree certificate by post upon request.  


You will receive our “Climate Protection Partner” logo for your website, which will give you recognition for your commitment. You can use it to publicize your commitment to environmental and climate protection on your website as well as on printed marketing products. Upon request, you can also receive our labels for your products or forms. A preview of our climate protection partner logos as well as examples of labels can be found here: https://plant-my-tree.de/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Muster-Klimaschutz-Partner-Logo_Etikette.pdf    


We place your logo at https://shop.plant-my-tree.de/referenzen/ on our website and link it to your website. We recommend creating a page on your website with “climate protection”, “environmental protection” or “sustainability” so that we can link to it. At the same time, you can report on your motives for your climate protection commitment and include our “Climate Protection Partner” logo. Upon request, we can also link to your Facebook or Instagram account.  


We will put up a post for you via our Facebook account, which you provide to us. You present your company, your climate protection partnership as well as your motives for your climate protection commitment to our constantly growing community in a short post together with pictures.  At the same time, you refer to your Facebook account or your homepage. This link will take you to our page on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/plantmytree.germany/ (By clicking on this link, you agree to being redirected to Facebook and to the data collected by Facebook or to Facebook’s privacy policy.)  


We make this space available to you on our website at https://shop.plant-my-tree.de/klimaschutzpartner/. We will put up a project partner sign directly on site. Sponsor name: We mark your forest with your brand name on the internet with the current map provider according to their possibility.    


We will put up a project partner sign directly on site. Sponsor name: We mark your forest with your brand name with the current online map provider according to their possibility.  


Together we create individual marketing strategies. We offer you extended access to our marketing resources, as well as multiple postings, or access to videos. At the same time, long-term campaigns can be launched together, which we support medially.  
We are looking forward to your contact!

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