Our Tree Packages

Find out about the right tree package for you to promote environmental and climate protection.

With our tree packages and the associated marketing opportunities, you can inform employees, business partners, suppliers, customers and interested parties about your contribution to the environment – and score highly.


  • Tree Certificate
  • Climate Partner Logo
  • Linked Partner Logo
  • Community Link

  • Tree Certificate
  • Climate Partner Logo
  • Linked Partner Logo
  • Community Link
  • Testimonial (500 characters)

  • Tree Certificate
  • Climate Partner Logo
  • Linked Partner Logo
  • Community Link
  • Testimonial (1,000 characters)

Media Packages for your company-forest

  • Tree Certificate via Post
  • Climate Partner Logo
  • Linked Partner Logo
  • Facebook Posting
  • Testimonial (2,000 characters)
  • Small Signpost at the Site

  • Tree Certificate
  • Climate Partner Logo
  • Linked Partner Logo
  • Community Link
  • Testimonial (5,000 characters)
  • Large Signpost at the Site

  • Your Own Individual Marketing Strategy

We are there for you!

You are interested in active climate protection for your company? Call us or write an Email.

Phone (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.): 0208-30675805 or 07403-2229903
Email: info@plant-my-tree.de


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We certify your climate protection contribution (tree donation) with a certificate – your personal tree certificate.

In addition to you as our climate protection partner, the tree certificate contains the number of trees planted, the tree numbers, and the planting location with coordinates.

Upon request, you will receive a personalizable tree certificate as an open Word document. You can customize the tree certificate in-house and DSGVO compliant to your wishes, e.g. for your customers or your products.

You can find a tree certificate for download here: 



You will receive our “Climate Protection Partner” logo for your website, which will give you recognition for your commitment.

You can use it to publicize your commitment to environmental and climate protection on your website as well as on printed marketing products.

Upon request, you can also receive our labels for your products or forms.

A preview of our climate protection partner logos as well as examples of labels can be found here:


Your Logo on the PLANT- MY-TREE® website

We place your logo at https://shop.plant-my-tree.de/referenzen/ on our website and link it to your website.

We recommend creating a page on your website with “climate protection”, “environmental protection” or “sustainability” so that we can link to it. At the same time, you can report on your motives for your climate protection commitment and include our “Climate Protection Partner” logo.

Upon request, we can also link to your Facebook or Instagram account.


We make this space available to you on our website at https://shop.plant-my-tree.de/referenzen/. Tell your employees, suppliers and customers who you are and what makes you special.

Above all, you should inform them why you are committed to environmental and climate protection and what motivated you to support the projects of PLANT-MY-TREE®.


We place a project partner signpost with your company name at the very planting location.

The contents on the stainless steel sign are individually designed together.

Small signpost: approx. 600 x 300 mm
Large signpost: approx. 860 x 350 mm


Together with you we create individual marketing strategies.

We offer you extended access to our marketing resources, as well as multiple postings, or access to videos. At the same time, long-term campaigns can be launched together, which we support in words and pictures.

Make Your Commitment Visible!

Discover Active Climate Protection for Your Business

Offset the CO2 you generate through reforestation in Germany. You can be completely flexible in determining the scope of your involvement!

Climate protection is increasingly becoming a “private matter”, as EU heads of government have significantly reduced their efforts to tackle the climate crisis. “Private matter” means taking responsibility, especially for companies! Integrate your commitment into your environmental management and increase your recognition and public perception together with PLANT-MY-TREE®.

Our Ideas for Your Commitment

Initiate high-visibility campaigns with intelligent ideas – or simply:

  • One tree donation per product, service, or contract signed
  • Your customers redeem collected points for their own tree
  • Make your production or fleet climate-neutral by donating trees
  • Your tree donation can be integrated into your own environmental management system
  • Tree donation at company events
  • Your tree donation for a sustainability project, e.g. at the end of the business year
We are looking forward to your contact!

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    Climate protection

    Transparenter Umweltschutz ist wichtig. PLANT-MY-TREE® wurde vom TÜV Rheinland bereits 2014 nach DIN ISO 9001:2008 und erneut 2020 nach DIN ISO 9001:2015 zertifiziert.

    Umweltschutz und Nachhaltigkeit – nah, begehbar und in Deutschland. Weil jeder Baum zählt.


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