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Climate change is on everyone’s lips. Dying forests, rising temperatures, and melting glaciers dominate the headlines. That is why we need to stop climate change – and fast. In addition to avoiding and reducing CO² emissions, reforestation projects in Germany’s forests are a sustainable way to take action locally. With a tree donation at PLANT-MY-TREE® we can protect the environment and the climate together.

Climate protection – why so vital?

The effects of climate change are visible everywhere. In more and more countries of the world, on the coasts, on the weather charts of meteorologists, the consequences of man-made climate change are evident. Climate protection is key to ensure the long-term survival of mankind. Especially the man-made greenhouse effect has reached alarming proportions.

Climatically harmful CO² leads to a rise in temperatures which endangers the entire eco-system. All of us are CO² producers! Industry, road and air traffic, agriculture or individual consumers: CO² is produced everywhere. In some places, emissions of this harmful greenhouse gas can be reduced, but other emissions will remain unavoidable. Putting a stop to this gas is the task of climate protection. Only through active intervention can humans protect the eco-systems of the blue planet. Our reforestation projects set tangible signs against climate change and help to mitigate the consequences of dying forests and climate-damaging developments. By actively protecting the environment locally, you can take action yourself and protect our climate. Nowadays, environmental protection is also a private matter – so take action and shoulder responsibility.


Climate Protection Is

Hard Work

Planting a tree to save the climate really makes sense – Here is why

Reforestation projects help to restore lost forest areas (due to forest dieback and deforestation). The deciduous and coniferous forests of our region not only look beautiful, they also have their own function in the eco-system. The forests on the blue planet have many important tasks and are irreplaceable helpers for climate protection. In the fight against the effects of climate change, trees are of immense importance: they bind harmful CO². Over time, more and more tree areas have been deforested worldwide, and the forest dieback of recent decades has done the rest: forest areas are shrinking and less CO² is being bound by these natural climate protectors.

Our reforestation projects help to create new forest areas and neutralize unavoidable emissions. In close cooperation with the responsible forestry authorities, we plant new forests on land that was previously used for other purposes. In this way, we are restoring habitats for many animals and plants that are native to the forest eco-system. In this way, our reforestation projects are helping to protect species. The soil is protected from erosion because the trees clean and store water, thus ensuring a stable hydrological balance. Forests in the surrounding area provide the air in cities with a natural cleansing therapy: the leaves of deciduous forests filter out soot particles, dust and gases from the ambient air. Last but not least, people also benefit directly from the forest: the silence and clean air in the forest have been shown to contribute to the well-being and thus the health of those who regularly treat themselves with “forest bathing”.

By reforesting forests, we are therefore safeguarding the future of the earth and making valuable contributions to active environmental protection in many areas. Come on board, do your part for the environment and become a tree donor at PLANT-MY-TREE®!

Sapling by Sapling for a

Future Forest

What makes PLANT-MY-TREE® special?


Planting mainly in Germany


TÜV certified in accordance with
DIN ISO 9001:2015


Sustainable and long-lasting through mixed forest planting


Planned project duration of at least 99 years

How can I participate in a reforestation project?

You want to actively protect the climate, but not personally take up a spade and reforest the forests right away? Then PLANT-MY-TREE® is the right place for you! We implement regional and sustainable climate protection projects for you and the earth’s future. We plant trees to counteract climate change. Join us, because together we are stronger! Our reforestation projects in Germany help in the long term, locally and sustainably. With your tree donation, you become active yourself. The steadily growing projects throughout Germany benefit from our valuable experience. Your donation enables the reforestation of our TÜV-certified projects in your area. Support our forest projects as a company or as a private person with your tree donation.

Thanks to the programs of PLANT-MY-TREE®, a wide variety of trees have already been planted. Among them robinias, beeches, oaks, birches or conifers. With our project “Tree of Memories,” you can capture special moments in life in a unique way. Celebrate births, weddings, anniversaries or simply the beautiful moments in life with your own tree. Protect nature and at the same time keep precious moments in your memory. In our tree donation shop, you can take action right now and give your tree donation to our projects. Or you can choose the “Climate Package”, which corresponds to a CO² compensation for about one year. Let’s tackle the environmental protection project together, let’s plant a tree – donate a tree now!

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Climate Protection

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Reforestation projects with PLANT-MY-TREE®

Our trees provide us with clean water, fresh air, and help keep our environment and climate in balance. With the reforestation projects of PLANT-MY-TREE®, new forest areas are established in Germany that combine effective environmental protection and sustainable climate protection. Your tree donation enables the planting of trees and reforestation of forests in Germany.

  • A 100-year-old spruce has removed up to 1.8 tons of CO² from the atmosphere. (Source: The German forestry industry. Facts and figures. Publisher: Holzabsatzfonds)
  • Each hectare of forest annually binds about 10 tons of carbon dioxide (Source: Bavarian Ministry of Agriculture 2007)
  • Alongside these (emission reduction measures), measures can also be taken based on the fixation of carbon by the photosynthetic CO² binding of green plants. Thus, pathways by which carbon is captured in the long term are needed. One such way is the growth of wood that remains in the forest for as long as possible. Between 19.7 and 29.6 megatons of carbon are absorbed by the forest per year (1 megaton = one million tons). This corresponds to a maximum of about 10% of the amount of carbon released per year in Germany from the combustion of fossil fuels (Source: Forst und Holz No. 3/2001 Author: Dr. Frank Thomas, University of Göttingen).
  • Sequestration of 935 kg of carbon dioxide (CO²) per cubic meter wood (Brandl, 1993)

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    Climate protection

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