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PLANT-MY-TREE® – What we stand for

PLANT-MY-TREE® is the right partner to promote environmental and climate protection in Germany.

Five points out of many that distinguish PLANT-MY-TREE®:

1. Planting in Germany

We mainly plant in Germany – that makes us regional and transparent, and the forests are accessible.

2. TÜV-Certified

Our processes and the corresponding documentation are TÜV-certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015.

3. Sustainable and Long-Term Climate Protection

Including afforestation, forest conversion, forest protection and forest regeneration.

4. Employment in Germany

We create jobs in Germany.

5. PLANT-MY-TREE. The Foundation

We hand over our own planted areas to “PLANT-MY-TREE. The foundation“. The foundation is non-profit, maintains and protects our forests permanently, and ensures that they are kept as a natural habitat for native plants and animals forever.


Planting mainly in Germany


TÜV certified in accordance with
DIN ISO 9001:2015


Sustainable and long-lasting through mixed forest planting


Planned project duration of at least 99 years


in Action

PLANT-MY-TREE® – Our Goals

PLANT-MY-TREE® offers everyone the opportunity to contribute to environmental and climate protection, both for private individuals and companies.

Due to climate change, forestation projects are becoming increasingly important. Together with PLANT-MY-TREE®, you can have trees planted, redevelop forests and sustainably preserve and protect our air and climate.

Why reforest and plant trees?

Trees bind carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. In addition, trees improve soil properties by storing water. At the same time, they function as natural protection against erosion. Furthermore, forests are the ideal habitat for many different animal, insect, and plant species.

Climate protection for companies: What can you do?

Support our reforestation projects with your company – in Germany and now all over the world. Become an active partner for our environmental and climate protection projects and make your products and services climate neutral. With our tree packages for companies, we offer you the right opportunity to make a sustainable commitment to climate protection.

Learn more about our climate protection packages for companies now!

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    Inh. Sören Brüntgens
    Wiescher Weg 5
    45472 Mülheim an der Ruhr

    Telephone: 0208-30675805 oder 07403-2229903

    Climate protection

    Transparenter Umweltschutz ist wichtig. PLANT-MY-TREE® wurde vom TÜV Rheinland bereits 2014 nach DIN ISO 9001:2008 und erneut 2020 nach DIN ISO 9001:2015 zertifiziert.

    Umweltschutz und Nachhaltigkeit – nah, begehbar und in Deutschland. Weil jeder Baum zählt.


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